Beautiful dining area in the living room

March 13, 2015
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5-Dark dining areas in the interior

The roomy dining room or dining area – the dream of anyone who loves to spend more time with loved ones. The dining area can be emerged by a cozy accessories, furniture, objects. The dining room should be filled with natural light, with additional lighting above the dining area.

4-Bright living room in the interior dining area

At the organization of the dining area to be observed harmonious combination of things, objects, and accessories. Living room is usually combined with other rooms: kitchen, living room, or so it should be functional.

3-A large wooden table in the interior

In the dining area the main task is to distribute all areas of functional and practical. For dining area, select the appropriate area where you can design a dining area. In a small room to create a dining area should be in the corner of the room to save space. Between the dining area and work space should be ample space for a stirred convenient. For a small room is well suited dining area, which has a small size. Appropriate will look angular dining areas.

2-Square table in the dining area

For a spacious dining area is well suited long countertop to be the siting of the window horizontally. The spacious great room and the dining area can be in any part of the room. When placing the dining area should be its siting in a comfortable zone and allocate shares a border.

1-Beautiful round table in the interior

Dining area should be as convenient, comfortable, and cozy. The shape of the table should be selected based on the parameters of the room, and personal preferences. Don’t forget about the decor of the room, will be relevant candlesticks, candles, vases of flowers.

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