The Blue Colour Trend In Interior Design

March 12, 2015
Posted in Apartments

5-Blue dining kitchen

The blue color in the interior came from the times of the Empire. Decorated in blue shades bring peaceful atmosphere, moreover, it is a noble and impressive color. Shades of blue would be appropriate in any style from classic to hi-tech. The bluish color is especially well fitted for the bedroom, children’s room, as soothing.

4-Beautiful blue interior with living room

Beautiful living room a dark blue blend perfectly with the white and fresh flowers create a particular charm and delight for the interior. A big number of shades of blue can divide the room into various functional areas.

3-Bathroom in blue with beautiful

In the inside of the bathroom blue shades are really relevant because they are soothing. Blue shades give the interior a feeling of purity, freshness. In the dark blue bathroom look good vintage items, and accessories.

2-The blue color in the interior of a bedroom

The bedroom is blue will look good in white, shades of beige, green color. With blue go well with natural colors, and create harmony in the interior. The interior stronger bedroom has to pay more care to natural lighting. The bedroom is blue used unusual, beautiful beige headboard.

1-Emerald color in the interior of the living room

The inside of the room uses blue color that harmonizes well with brown furniture, and contrasts to create a luxurious fashion. The dark blue color refers to the cool shades, and it should be diluted with vivid detail: pillows, vases, color, photos in gilded frames.

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