Modern Kithen Ideas with Purple Color

March 11, 2015
Posted in Kitchen

6-dishes with purple patterns

Purple color gives the interior elegance and appeal to any room. Purple hues are cold, and this color is well suited for the kitchen. Purple hues in the inside of the room should be used with extreme care, as this color calms and reduces appetite. The purple color is very bright and saturated. This color scheme is well suited for those who like bright and unusual solutions, and experiments.

5-Purple color with yellow in the kitchen

Purple hues are best practiced in small quantities, combining with white shades. Purple color can be applied in several shades: lilac, violet, lavender and other shades.

4-Purple kitchen with white

Saturated colors in the interior of the kitchen should be used with emphasis. Dark purple color can be used in objects, accessories, flowers, dishes, plates and kitchen utensils. Lilac shades are well suited for facades or walls in the interior of the house. Combining purple shades can create a stunning effect in the kitchen.

3-Beautiful purple flowers

The easiest and most common variant to decorate the interior with purple shades of fresh flowers in purple color: violet, lavender, and some decorative flowers painted in purple.

2-Purple accessories and utensils

Purple hues in the inside of the kitchen look very fashionable and plentiful. Purple shades will look well with neutral and clear colors. Complement the interior of the kitchen in shades of purple can use beautiful curtains, drapes, pillows purple shades.

1-Beautiful interior of the apartment in skinali

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