Original Home Mini Bar Ideas

March 10, 2015
Posted in Furniture

1-Bar in the interior of the room

The original saloon is ideal for those who like to hold home parties or gatherings with acquaintances. Each house keeps a small stock of drinks for cocktails, which can be kept in the bar, while creating the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the room. Minibar can be of any design, texture, color, and style.

2-bar in the form of barrels

Minibar can be placed anywhere in the living room, it will be a bright interior detail. Minibars are a variety of models and a variety of materials, next to the bar can also be set a bar of wood or marble.

3-Beautiful trolley bar in the interior

Minibar should be comfortable and functional interior and a good fit for this bar on wheels, which is very convenient and functional. Wide scope of models allows you to choose a bar that will meet every demand.

4-a bar with a beautiful interior shelves

Minibar for the interior can be not only mobile, but also built-in. Originality will look mini bar combined with a bookshelf. For the bar should be chosen, not less than 10 drinks to be able to create cocktails. For convenience, you can buy a special refrigerator for storage of alcoholic drinks.

5-wine bottles in the the beautiful the table

Minibar, you can make your own from an old cabinet, rack, bar cart . Should make a convenient shelf for bottles and glasses. Bar cart for bars perfectly fit into whatever nook of the room and make a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Mini bar looks good in a vintage style and will fit into any modern interior.

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