Gray And Stylish Scandinavian style

March 4, 2015
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1-Living room in a matte gray

A modest studio apartment consists of 38 square meters, it is decorated in Scandinavian fashion, but with gray shades. This flat is located in Sweden, this flat is ideal for a young couple or a modest household. Living room has several convenient, functional areas. Near the window is a white wooden dining table for two persons. Located along the windowsill live plants, books, lamp. Shades of gray in the interior blend perfectly with the black and white.

2-Pictures in black frames

Gray interior, home of the room can be diluted with vivid detail, accessories: Holder for the magazine of the old belt, mandarin in a pot, paintings and drawings in black pictures perfectly complement the interior of the flat.

3-Beautiful dressing room with a variety of accessories

In the living room adjacent to the sofa is gray cabinet, which mixes with the wall, and visually expands the space of a minuscule room. The room holds a comfortable black lamp, which can enlighten any area in the room. The cabinet holds a built-in shelves, which are placed in the books, candles and accessories.

4-Amazing black kitchen

Monochrome black kitchen meets a large number of built-in equipment, which is very practical and convenient for a small kitchen. Light table top looks contrasts with the black kitchen. Opposite the sink is a window, which is a partition for the bedroom.

5-Beautiful black washbasin

From the kitchen a beautiful view, the original partition as a window creates a magical interior room, and comfortable fixtures that hang over the counter top well illuminates work kitchen area. Turned up on the table slides with herbs that can be utilized for cooking.

6-Bedroom with a glass partition

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