Beautiful apartment with a cozy children’s room in the Scandinavian style

March 4, 2015
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1-Beautiful white kitchen with black tiles

Beautiful and cozy apartment in the Scandinavian style is located in Sweden, the total expanse of the apartment is 82 square meters. Narrow kitchen decorated with white furniture, table, chairs, floor. The kitchen has beautiful and original apron that framed mosaic of small glossy black color. On the table is black appliances, which is much used, utensils, spices.

2-Long wardrobe white

Comfortable bedroom is adorned in shades of gray and white, and pitch-dark. In the middle of the room is a seam with a beautiful gray quilted headboard. Near the wall is a long wooden cabinet with wooden doors. In the interior of a bedroom used beautiful accessories: Buddha statue, a painting in a gilt frame.

3-Beautiful black chest of drawers in the bedroom

Approach the bed bears a beautiful bedside black, on which the lamp, flowers and books. The chest of drawers black color fits perfectly into the interior of the room, it is placed perfume, box for jewelry.

4-Beautiful dining table in the center of the living room

The dining area is spacious, in the heart of the room is a beautiful oval table with metal pegs. Old parquet decorated artificial skin of a cow. Chest of drawers which is situated along the wall has many family pics in black and white style.

5-Living room in shades of gray

The living room walls are painted white, that visually expands the space. Near the gray sofa placed gray carpet, on which stands the white table from Ikea. Alternatively, employ a large pendant lamp fits well easily into the interior of the Scandinavian style.

6-Cozy children's room in shades of blue

Children’s room is dressed in shades of blue, it is comfortably accommodate for a male child. The room bears a lot of toys, a comfortable working area, a beautiful wardrobe.

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