Modern Weekend House In Canada

March 3, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Bright bedroom with a beautiful interior and wooden objects

Beautiful country cottage is located in a rural town in Ontario, Canada. Wooden cottage for a comfy stay in a vacation at any time of the twelvemonth. The modern house has plenty of room for relaxing living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bath. Beautiful bedroom in warm shades of the walls in the interior rooms is decorated with wooden planks. White ceiling blends well with the natural shades of wood. Near the sleeping room is a bath with a big shower. Entrance to the bathroom has the original sliding black door of wood.

2-Beautiful Bath stone

The second bedroom is on the second level of the loft. The bedroom is really compact and comfortable, bedroom decor in shades of beige diluted with wooden objects, accessories. The bed is placed in front of the window that closed wooden shutters. The bathroom is a small built-in, with beautiful stonework. Candles in the bathroom create a romantic ambience.

3-Wooden bedroom in shades of red

Beautiful bedroom made of wood, which is situated along the second level. Black wood finish blends well with red linen, which produces a dividing line in the interior of a bedroom. The bathroom in front of the window is a beautiful washbasin. On the windowsill beautiful yellow tulips enliven the interior and uplifting.

4-Living room with a beautiful table

On the ground floor is a beautiful living room which is connected with a dining area, and a small but functional kitchen. In the center of the living room is a large corner sofa, standing next to a beautiful quilted leather poufs, which is used as a coffee table.

5-Beautiful kitchen in dark blue shades

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