Cool ideas for using trunks in the interior

March 2, 2015
Posted in Furniture

1-Beautiful seats in the trunk

Chest for interior or an old suitcase in the interior – it’s the original decoration for any interior. Chest for interior or suitcase is not simply a beautiful piece of interior, but also functional. Lately, a very popular habit of old vintage items in a modern interior. Chest for interior can be located in any room, and use it not simply as a accessory for the interior, but also for storage. Originality will look like a wooden chest with bench with soft seat cushion. Wooden chest can be painted any color, and pick out a bright cloth to decorate off the dresser.

2-Beautiful tables in the form of a chest

Budget and interesting choice for interior decoration – an old suitcase, which can be used as a table in the interior. It is possible to attach the suitcase wooden legs that give stability, and it can be utilized for other functions. Beautiful suitcase, attach to the wall, is a mechanism that allows it to be utilized as a folding table.

3-Bedside tables chests

Bedside nightstand always appropriate to store books, things, or even identify the lamp. Beautiful handbags, constructed in the same rack can serve as a bedside table. In suitcases can store things, clothing, and jewelry.

4-Coffee table from suitcases

In the living room a mere coffee table can be replaced with beautiful and colorful suitcases in the same manner. Bags can be utilized for books, magazines, and other accessories.

5-Ladies corner of beautiful chest

A neat option to employ the trunk as a shelf for women’s corner, where you can store makeup, or accessories for sewing, knitting and needlework.

6-Beds for animals from the chest

Comfortable suitcase for a cat with beautiful pillows that you can make your own with minimal exertion.

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