4 Beautiful Living Room Ideas

February 27, 2015
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1-Living framed shades of blue

Beautiful living room in shades of beige with blue elements, objects, and appurtenances. In the living room, a great amount of clear space: access to the garden, a beautiful arch that divides the living room and kitchen. In the living room with large windows that leave out the sun’s rays, and fill the room with natural light. Sofa decorated with blue cushions, on the floor poufs for comfort.

2-White color in combination with red

Classic living room in a Scandinavian fashion, it is couched in white. Change the ambiance in the room using items, accessories and textiles with other contrasting colors. White color in the living room blends well with a brilliant crimson gloss. White color in the interior visually expands the space. In a white room looks good light laminate or hardwood floor. Opposite the sofa is white dresser with a large TV.

3-Very beautiful bedrooms partition

Beautiful and spacious living room with beige shades. The living way is divided plasterboard wall. Along the wall mounted TV, which houses the longest shelf. Front of the TV is a bright red sofa, which passes on the highlight of the interior. Near the sofa couch is a large footstool, which is utilized as a coffee table, and for the stability of subjects used a beautiful tray.

2-Brick wall in the living room

Fantastic living room in the Swedish way with original layout, and original brick wall. Classical bright living room, which melds perfectly with the black sofa, and creates a dividing line in the room. In the middle of the living room is a coffee table in white along the original wheels. Situated near the windows built-in shelves for books, which is very usable. In the living room under the stairway is a work area.

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