Bedroom Decorating in Green

February 25, 2015
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1-Green in the bedroom interior

With the coming of spring, many people want to alter the state of affairs in the interior, which will refresh the interior and bring the inner heat and fresh atmosphere in the interior. Pull in a sleeping room in shades of green can be compounded with other colors. Green should be used with neutral colors: pink, white, beige, brown, gloomy. Green shades are best mixed with natural shades.

2-Green color with accessories in the bedroom

In the interior of a bedroom where there are shades of green, you should practice more natural objects: furniture, accessories, and baskets. Bedroom interior can freshen up and using live plants and flowers. It is best to use indoor plants in beautiful pots, which can be located on the windowsill, a bedside table, or on the floor.

3-Green items in bedroom interior

The internal light can be supplemented by small bedrooms and bright green parts, accessories items: lamps, pendants, vases, carpets, pillows, draperies. The green bedroom interior gives a harmonious and tranquil views, which will spend time with comfort. Interior green goes well with pink shades that make the interior a cute and soft appearance.

4-Herbal and green color in the interior

In the bedroom, white will look good green accessories, which will create a shiny and unique atmosphere in the bedroom interior wall of brown creates a harmonious contrast. The second bedroom is made with eco-style, beautiful wooden beams, white blends perfectly with the green pastel linens, and beautiful hanging lamps. Third bedroom looks glamorous expense dark green walls, beige plaid terry and beautiful golden floor lamp.

5-Green with a bath rug

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