4 Modern Studio Apartment

February 25, 2015
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1-Bright picture of a beautiful and bright cushions

A small studio flat, total area of 29 square meters. The flat is in the frame of a long rectangle. In one room is a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, which is split into a small partition, which is applied as a dining table or breakfast bar. In the corridor there is a small wardrobe, which is very practical and convenient.

2-Beautiful table built into the wall

Really fashionable and modern apartment is located up in Paris. The total area is about 27 square meters. Beautiful apartment is sturdy, living room combined with kitchen, and bedroom. Instead of utilizing the bed comfy and practical sofa that can suffice as a bed. Living room and kitchen bar counter, which is applied as a dining area.

3-White chairs with bright apartment

A little but comfortable flat in the Scandinavian style is only 29 square meters. The inside of this apartment used a humble amount of furniture that does not clutter up a modest quad. Convenient and practical layout of the apartment allows each functional area of the flat. In the living room is a single bed, which is decorated with pillows, and looks like a sofa.

4-Beautiful apartment in shades of gray with touches

Very comfortable, light apartment, which is only 25 square meters. A small kitchen is made in white, and next to it is a dining area in the form of a round table in white. For convenience in the dining area there is a small gray sofa with beautiful pillows. The dining area is divided bed small partition that can be utilized as a convenient table. The bed looks like a sofa, next to which is a bookshelf.

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