Apartment A Scandinavian Decor

February 20, 2015
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1-Bedrooms in Scandinavian style with yellow table

Small flat, which is located in Sweden is only 36 square meters. The practical and bright apartment is well suited for a couple or a single person. In the inside, use white shades that are easily in tune with vivid detail.

2-Beautiful old stove in the Scandinavian style

Bright and positive atmosphere sets furniture. The most striking furniture in the living room, which creates an atmosphere of a computer table, which is placed between a bedroom and a living room. In the living room near the couch instead of a coffee table used bags that look very atmospheric. In the nook of the room is the stove, which is adorned with wax lights, making a cozy atmosphere.

3-Very cozy kitchen in white

In the kitchen, a traditional Scandinavian style blends well with bricks or wooden objects, beams and glass components. Kitchen appliances, built in, which is very convenient for small spaces, and allows you to save more space. In the corner of the kitchen is a shabby dining table, which is surrounded by white wooden chairs.

4-Old chairs in white

White kitchen wall with wooden top. The kitchen spices grow in pots herbs: basil, spinach and others.

5-Beautiful chandelier horns

Complement the interior rooms are simple details that look at the interior and complement it. Scandinavian style suitable for textiles with ethnic designs and natural fabrics. Open windows make the interior a more natural luminosity, which draws the room cozy and comfy.

6-The front door and the toilet

A small bathroom is connected with an open shower and toilet, bathroom tiled with white tiles. Original lighting is used in the interior with the help of beautiful lamps hanging on the ropes.

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