The Water Tower

February 18, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-House in the form of a tower

The original house was refurbished from an old water tower. Architects have created a beautiful place for a comfortable stop. High towers with heights allows to keep the expanse close to the mansion and savor the surrounding nature. Around the house beautiful shrubs, trees, spruce, and other plants.

2-Very beautiful stone roof

Inner side of the courtyard is a small extension to the house that leads to the courtyard. The extension is available and covered with glass terrace with a beautiful view of the garden, and the glass doors and windows let in sunlight and filled terrace daylight.

3-Beautiful and an outdoor terrace with a glass door

Living room located along the first floor done in bright colors that mix good with wooden furniture. Near the wall is a wood burning stove, which originally decorate a fireplace.

4-Very cozy snow-white kitchen

Beautiful snow-white kitchen with spacious, comfortable work area, all lockers located below the kitchen, making it more spacious. Near the kitchen is a small dining area, a space is used to save a round table in the middle of the kitchen.

6-Spacious bathroom with white tiles

The bathroom is connected to the toilet, and also in white colors. Decor elements complement the bathroom, painting and twigs in a vase looks very original.

7-The original master bedroom on the second floor

On the second storey there is a bright bedroom, entrance to the bedroom is a beautiful spiral staircase constructed of wood. Interior room is real simple but intimate.

9-A spacious work area on the second floor

The workplace is situated on the second level of the house and has several areas: computer desk, book shelves, and tables with different attributes to work.

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