How To Turn A Bedroom Into A Living Room

February 18, 2015
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5-Modern bedroom with living room

The studio apartment for comfort you can arrange the interior in such a fashion that it is not merely comfortable to welcome visitors, but also to stay. Single room can be split into two areas – living room and sleeping room. As well in the living room is located may work area. The most comfortable path to arrange the living room couch, which in the evening can be used as a bed.

4-Bedroom with spacious windows in the interior

The spacious bath area can be separated by partitions, furniture, shelving, drywall, curtains. The living rooms and sleeping rooms may differ from each other in style or color outline.

3-Bedroom on the beautiful scene

In summation, you can use curtains and natural and interesting items: thick yarn, bamboo, twigs, beads. A zone can be divided from furniture: wardrobes with mirrors, racks or open shelves. To maximize share a room, you can use sliding partitions, they can be transparent, wooden.

2-Beautiful bedroom with a living room and bright details

Divide the area you can set the bed on a low podium, which will appear really impressive. Split up the area, you can employ a small bar, computer desk or coffee table. Should choose comfortable furniture with extra drawers to store items.

1-3 bright living room with bedroom

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