4 Beautiful Country House

February 17, 2015
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1-Beautiful wooden house with wood trim

Beautiful house was made completely of wood. This big house is projected for big family. Interior of the house in the style of Provence with modern details. This home is totally environmentally friendly. The house is environmentally friendly, as is composed completely of wood inside and out. About the house beautiful landscaping with a diversity of plants and bushes. Approach the mansion there is a gazebo for relaxing.

2-Country house in eco-style

Beautiful and roomy dwelling house is situated in a hilly region in Brazil. The house is constructed in a modern ethnic fashion. The house has a large amount of open space, which is only closed glass partitions. Near the home is a beautiful and spacious patio with beautiful views of nature. Terrace decorated with fresh blossoms in beautiful pots.

3-eco house from the barn

Beautiful and roomy house has been reconstructed from an old barn. Outside, the house doesn’t seem so beautiful, both inside and impresses with its beautiful decor. The length of the house is 8 meters, and delivers most of the open space. The inside of the house is made in bright colors, which moves well with wooden beams. The tree is decorated completely the house, and is in every room.

4-The luxurious house in the mountains

The small and beautiful house is located on a ranch in Argentina. Close to the house are splendid, orchards, and gardens with blooms. This beautiful home is designed for relaxation, and is used as a hotel. Beds on the terrace looked very romantic. Near the house is comfy and beautiful swimming pool with stunning vistas of the countryside.

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