4 Classic Swedish Style Apartment

February 13, 2015
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1-Snow-white room with beautiful chairs

This beautiful apartment is located in Sweden, apartment-style decor Shabby chic, with a beautiful and interesting detail. This style is decorated in soothing shades of illumination in a minimalist way. The total area is 64 square meters. The living room throws a beautiful panorama of the balcony, which is a glazed terrace with dining area.

2-Beautiful apartment with black and white color shades

Roomy studio flat with light colors. The principal color in the interior white, beige and dark. Between the bar is a dining area with a round table, chairs and beautiful. The living room have is a comfortable beige sofa. Between the living and dining area on the floor and very beautiful carpet in black with white lines.

3-Beautiful blue dresser

Very nice apartment with a total area of 73 square meters. The main colors in the apartment are made in white color scheme. Whites dilute contrasting shades of wood, dark shelf, and a gorgeous blue sofa. Original interior looked beautiful chair with four pillows. In the living room there is a great library, which creates a singular aura of vintage fashion. Complement the interior of old furniture, paintings and other items.

4-Amazing apartment in Sweden

Beautiful and bright apartment situated in Sweden. The principal colors used in the interior: gray, beige, white. Thanks for these shades style looks concisely, and harmoniously. Green plants, purple candle, pillows, diluted with gray paint on the interior. The kitchen is really roomy and functional area, which is divided into a bar. Over the dining area is made using beautiful decorative wall photos depicting green branches.

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