Beautiful apartment in Sweden

February 11, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room with bedroom

A modest and cozy one-bedroom flat is located in Sweden, the total area of the apartment is only 38 square meters. The apartment interior designed in Scandinavian fashion. The spacious living room is made in white. In the sleeping which is combined with the living room, there are several functional lighting, general lighting in the room does a beautiful pendant with a wooden lamp.

2-Spacious dining area with kitchen

There is a small dining area in the kitchen. Near the kitchen there is a comfortable and open shelf where they can stir plants, spices, bulk foods, dishes. Near the dining area is the entry to the living room and sleeping room, offering beautiful panoramas of the wall with beautiful paintings. A pile of books next to the couch, on which stands the plant seems really original.

3-classic refrigerator in the kitchen

In the Scandinavian style used by the open window to a beautiful vista of the street and illuminate the room with natural brightness. The window is classic white refrigerator. Placed near the refrigerator, living plants to create a cozy atmosphere. White classic original table looks in kitchen interior, the contrast creates black chairs. White walls are adorned with several pictures and paintings.

4-A small but functional kitchen

Kitchen in a classic white style that goes well with dark brown tiles. Near the kitchen there is a small bar, which is additional jobs for cooking.

5-A small partition to another room

In the living room at that place is a convenient shelf for books. In each room there are beautiful and cozy carpets. Each room is located living plants to make a refreshing decor.

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