Chic Rustic Kids’ Bedrooms

February 6, 2015
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1-beautiful bedroom in rustic style

Children’s room and a bedroom for a child to be very comfortable, cozy and beautiful. Children’s room should be innovative and fashionable. Rustic style is easily suited for rural area homes. Rustic creates a festive Christmas mood. Rustic style can also be used when decorating, home accessories made of wood, and accessories made from natural materials.

2-beautiful bed in rustic style

The color scheme in the rustic style should be simple, it is best to look beige, green and brown shades. Rustic style blends well with other contemporary styles.

3-bunk beds in rustic style

In the rustic child’s room is more better to use large logs, wood planks. To produce a snug aura of a tree will look good not just furniture but also the conception of the decor. The room floor or walls can be decorated by using wooden boards.

4-Large wooden bed in the nursery

In the children’s room will look good furniture made of solid wood. Will look good tables, ledges, shelves for toys. In rustic style will look good imitation animal skins.

5-beautiful long wooden table

With a rustic style wood well combined warm and subtle shades to accentuate the texture of wood. For Decoration, use bedding with beautiful photographs, which can be combined with curtains. The layer can be decked with beautiful cushions and plaid patchwork.

8-comfortable beautiful wooden shelves

Wood countertops can be made manually from simple boards. Well, in the interior of a child’s room will look play corner with an established basketball hoop. For decoration you can employ an old box in which you can store toys.

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