Stunning Modern House in Vietnam

February 4, 2015
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1-Chic two-storey house

The beautiful light house has 3 floors, it is designed for a large family. The mansion holds a solid build. On the ground floor there is a beautiful and spacious kitchen, which connect with the living room. From the living room has a beautiful scene of the garden and patio. This house seems very innovative and fashionable. Also along the third level is a beautiful terrace. Big windows in each room allow natural light to pass into the room. This household is built from inexpensive, and natural materials, making it environmentally friendly.

2-Ground floor with a beautiful staircase

On the first level there are no windows, merely there are large glass doors along the rampart, which goes to a summer terrace, only has two productions. Approach the wooden stairs are pillows that are projected for the rear end. Along the wooden platform mounted pillows that replace the couch. In the stairs are placed shelves that can hold books, and appurtenances.

3-beautiful open kitchen with terrace

The kitchen is also in bright colors. On the contrary the work area in the kitchen has a beautiful scene of the garden just about. Next to the kitchen is a dining table, which is planned for four people. White kitchen is easily combined with appliances metallic colors.

4-creative studio with bedroom

Bedroom, located on the second floor is divided by a partition with a lounge, and a creative studio. The windows in the rooms are located from floor to ceiling. Bench decorated with pillows in style hand-made.

5-a spacious bathroom with walk-in closet

The bathroom is really comfy and roomy. The window is dressed very stylish, matte glass allows natural light into the room. Besides, on that point is a window that opens up a beautiful aspect of the garden. Next to the bathroom is a dressing room, which is very convenient and usable.

6-Beautiful children's room with toys

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