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February 3, 2015
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1-stylish sofa and ottoman

1-stylish sofa from the beads

This series of sofas  Bubble. Smart and modern sofas are built by hand. These innovative and trendy sofas will look respectable in public arenas, recreation areas, in cafes and eateries. These beautiful and colorful sofas are created in three colors. Sofas are made of foam, sofa frames are constructed of wood.

4-sofas made from recycled materials

Beautiful and unusual furniture were created in limited quantities. A series of furniture made from recycled fabrics. Of old materials are not just sofas, but also tables, chairs, dividers. Sofas are built of concrete, and old baseboards. This furniture will look respectable in public offices, museums.

3-unusual sofa with red sides

Beautiful and unusual series Insulaire. Furniture has an interesting and unusual condition. Any cushion of the couch can be taken out and used as a seat cushion along the base. All cushions are subject to vary. The pattern of the sofa is constructed of rattan.

2-Bright sofas with beautiful materials

Beautiful and innovative collection of sofas Missana. Collection of sofas looks very smart and innovative. The furniture has a bright cushions, which are combined with a solid color couch. Sofas made in one color, or in combination of two colors. In the interior, you can use the sofa in one color with seating in a similar color scheme.

5-The sofa in the form of a bright rainbow

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