Beautiful Penthouse with terrace

February 3, 2015
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2-beautiful view from the penthouse

Modern penthouse project was created CASA – Colombo and Serboli Architecture. This stylish penthouse is situated in Barcelona. This penthouse belongs to a household of two. To begin with this penthouse used as office space, but eventually was convinced into a brilliant and stylish house with comfy suite. The house has four baths, sleeping rooms, spacious living room and kitchen.

3-beautiful spacious terrace

The interior of the entire house ceilings is very low, so the white is used in all the rooms that visually expands the space. The windowpanes of the rooms are sited on one side of a magnificent aspect of the city skyline. The entire area of the living room to the kitchen is 84 square meters. Very spacious terrace of more than 100 square meters.

4-bright work space with partitions

One of the bedrooms has a comfortable workplace. The smaller bedroom is designed for your comfort. A glass door leads out to the terrace.

5-bright living room with kitchen

Living room and kitchen have a total area of 84 square meters. The kitchen delivers a convenient kitchen island that you can also dine, or employed as a bar.

6-large, bright dining room table

Next to the kitchen is a large and comfortable dining wooden table, round which are arranged chairs with comfortable soft seats.

8-beautiful view from the window in the interior

Sited behind kitchen table rack with shelves for books, photos, paintings.

9-round tables with gray sofa

In the middle of the living room is a comfortable sofa in gray. Next to the table are modern and comfortable coffee tables.

10-Nice view from the bedroom to the city

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