Wood House Design Ideas

February 2, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Unique wooden house

Small and functional house is placed outside the city in Portugal. This home was designed modern studio Aires Mateus. The house is located in a wonderful scenic location adjacent to the river Sado. Architects have created two houses, the entire expanse of each house is 14 square meters.

1-A small wooden house

Houses are ecological, they were made of wood. In the first house there is a bedroom, shower and toilet, in the second house is the kitchen and living room. Around houses an awesome and beautiful nature, which is surrounded by rice fields.

2-Beautiful wooden house in the interior

Wooden villa is situated in Finland. The total area of this lovely house is 97 square meters. Close to the mansion is a beautiful picturesque scenery. The house is made of wood, in a classic style.

3-a magnificent two-storey house

This fantastic house is situated along on the mountain. The home is situated near the ski resort in California. The entire area of the house just 520 square meters. The house offers stunning sights from the window panes of the surrounding countryside. The house was made of concrete and wood. Inside the house, decorate with wooden panels, which makes the house more cozy and comfortable to relax.

4-summer house for recreation

Smart, stylish and functional house was designed by modern architects MoodWorks Architecture and Kristel Hermans Architectuur. This house hold is not just fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. This modern house can be used as a house for the summer, a guest house, studio or as a space to work. The house is constructed of materials cost, and is environmentally friendly. This small house has everything for a relaxing and life, has a bed, kitchen, bath and toilet.

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