Creative Houses Minimalist Style

February 2, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Modern wooden house

Beautiful and modern wooden chalet is situated in the picturesque prime location. The house has a unique design, unusual facade roof. Around the house develops a big number of deciduous trees. Porch have large glass doors, through which a beautiful aspect of nature. Near the mansion is a patio where you can spend time in the summer.

2-Modern and beautiful cottage

Original and functional home has a big figure of open zones. Near the home is a nice garden with beautiful plants. Near the home there is a big swimming pool, which admits you to take for a refreshing dip on hot days. The house is built of wood and decorated with vertical slats that create an unusual design. Each room has large windows that look attractive and well illuminated room in the daytime.

3-Beautiful villa in the Italian style

This beautiful and light house is located a warm and picturesque California. The style of this house is very modern and usable. The house hold employs a bunch of sliding glass doors that replace the window. On the one hand, there is no house windows as they are located on the other side. In the courtyard is a small swimming pond. Next to the pool are sun loungers to relax.

4-Beautiful Mexican style

This gorgeous house is located in Mexico. Around the house is a beautiful and modern landscape. The whole house is built of concrete. Near the track grow a variety of plants, flowers, beautiful trees. On the ground floor there is a living room, which offers beautiful views of the courtyard through the glass doors. In the courtyard there is a small terrace with a roof where there is a dining area.

5-beautiful concrete house

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