Paisley Ornament in Interior Design

January 30, 2015
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1-paisley with beautiful patterns

Beautiful and original design in the shape of drops or called paisley turkish cucumber. This beautiful pattern first appeared in Persia. With this form, you can embellish any interior, furniture, accessories. This pattern looks original and beautiful and in a definitive setting. Most commonly used pattern on the wallpaper, curtains. The ornament should be used in small amounts so as not to clutter the interior. Indian pattern can make an interesting atmosphere in the interior. The color system can be in single color or various colors.

2-paisley pattern on the wallpaper

Indian pattern is best practiced in a major fashion. Colors may be monochromatic, or receive multiple colors. Classic ornament was previously practiced in warm shades. This decoration will look right in the eastern interior.

3-multicolored paisley pattern on the wallpaper

Paisley ornament will look well in classic or modern interior. Ornament is best applied in deep shades. Paisley ornament will look right on a snowy backdrop. The most budget options use ornament in textiles. It is best to employ a pattern on cushions, drapes, bed linen. This ornament will make the interior oriental style. The ornament will look as a decoration for any room. Paisley ornament should not be mixed with other ornaments, patterns.

4-accessories and kitchenware with patterns

Paisley ornament will look respectable on the wallpaper, it will throw the interior a bright inside. It is best to employ a pattern on one side of the wall you want to stand out and make bright.

5-workplace with patterns of cucumber

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