Garden Lighting Design Ideas

January 30, 2015
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1-Lighting in the garden

Lighting in landscape design takes on an significant part. Lighting landscape design should be designed in advance to plot looks great only in daylight, but at night. Lighting plot should be not simply ornamental. Functional lighting should be set up so that at nighttime you can go. Modern lamp, LED strip can illuminate paths, stairs, porch entrance, garden furniture, terrace, located in the garden.

2-lighting pond in the garden

Decorative lighting is applied to decorate the interior, and afford it an artistic appearance. Most often used recessed luminaires, which are embedded in the path, on the floor terraces or pergola. Lamps may also be applied in the kind of columns which have different configurations, sizes, and colors. Such lighting fittings are applied for lighting paths.

3-lighting of the trees in the garden

High and beautiful columns will not just serve as a light for the road, but also beautify the garden. Such lamps illuminate a big region of the garden than other lamps. Pools, ponds, small ponds can also highlight that give an original and beautiful view of the interior. The lighting near the pond can be installed around it, and you can also decorate it using a lighting inside pond.

4-beautiful lights in the garden

Original and beautiful lighting will look at the trees, and you can use beautiful garlands, which must be placed on the tops of trees. Bright lights emphasize the form of the trees at night, and make the garden a beautiful accent landscaping.

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