Flat White Cabinets Design Ideas

January 29, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Beautiful apartment in white

The total area is 44 square meters. The living room is connected with a snug dining area, adjacent to the dining area is a divider that comes apart the living room area and kitchen. Dining table top is made of natural wood, around the table is comfortable bar stools. The ceiling in the living room is decorated very stylish and advanced. In addition to natural light is used, artificial lighting that brightens each zone. The sleeping accommodation is small, is intended solely for recreation. Likewise receives a grooming room, which is concealed in the cupboard. Beautiful neon light passes, relaxing environment.

2-A small apartment with a red sofa

This apartment is 29 square meters. In a little apartment living room combined with a bedroom and a kitchen. The inside of the apartment there is a dining table, but there is a little coffee table. Opposite the couch in the living room is a bed over which is the television. Above the bed there is a high shelf with books. The interior too possesses a small work space. Kitchen convenient and succinct. White color cuisine goes well with black. All appliances in the kitchen built in, allowing you to take in the kitchen more compact.

3-beautiful apartment in Sweden

Beautiful and roomy flat is situated in Sweden. The apartment has three large rooms. Interior decoration is made in white with touches of color, accessories. The chief highlight of the interior is white kitchen combined with shades of beige. The dining table is in the middle of the kitchen. Chairs in the kitchen decorated in two colors. Worktop in the interior is located opposite the windows, and allows you to observe nature.

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