Modern Summer House

January 28, 2015
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1-beautiful summer house in the garden

Beautiful summer house in Denmark. The house was constructed from eco-friendly materials. Around to the mansion is very beautiful and picturesque nature, and in the structure of the landscape was not affected. Whole house are constructed of wood, and a terrace. Roof mounted solar panel, and there is production of pure water.

2-Summer house in Sweden

Beautiful little house situated in Sweden. The house is in a resort area. The house is made of wood, a large window looking out over the countryside. In the middle of the home with an oven that heats the whole house on cool days. On the ground level there is a living room, which combined with kitchen and dining area. Also on the ground floor is a comfortable two bedrooms suite.

3-Holiday home in Sweden

The Summer House is located in Sweden. The home bears an unusual design, decorated stone house. Large windows give the interior an original interior. The interior of a large amount of open space that which allows admire nature. The interior uses modern furniture and conveniences. Also, near the house is a beautiful and a wonderful view of the forest. The interior of all the zones is functional and combined on one floor.

4-Holiday home in Sweden

Summer House was created from an old barn. The home was made of wood, and is set at a new site. The red color makes the house a big prospect. The furniture in the interior is old and cheap. This mansion is designed not only for the summer holidays, but likewise in the winter time during the vacations.

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