Design Ideas for Small Flat

January 28, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-very small apartment

This apartment has a total of 13 square meters. In a small apartment all the areas are very functional thanks to an interesting design. The interior uses bright colors. Modern furniture built into the walls, which presents the compact interior. Bright colors visually expand the place. The room is divided into several staging areas. The kitchen with a dining area and a sitting area by the window, and the bedroom. The bedroom has a comfortable fold out bed. Modern accessories give the interior a fresh look.

2-cozy small apartment

The total construction area of 16 square meters. Studio apartment in spite of its small size ochne functional and easy. The inside of the small apartment uses a little amount of furniture. The interior also features a comfortable patio. The flat has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath. During good weather dining area can be reassigned to a summer terrace. The kitchen is very modern and fully equipped. Little tiles with two ring stove. The bathroom is really succinct and comfortable to utilize. Shower combined with toilet due to lack of space.

3-very little in Bangkok

Beautiful apartment of 28 square meters. The interior uses light colors with yellow tinges. Studio apartment is divided into zones, bedroom separated by a partition beautiful matte. The living room holds a dining table, there is also a comfy work area. The interior of the tables with glass tops and chrome legs, this furniture makes the interior a fashionable feel. White color combination with yellow gives interior a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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