The luxurious house in California

January 27, 2015
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1-Beautiful house white

Beautiful private house Mansfield was designed by designers of Amit Apel, it is in a residential area in Los Angeles, California, USA. The house is a beautiful and comfortable interior, plenty of room to relax.

2-Gorgeous open living in the interior

Beautiful and spacious outside terrace is situated adjacent to the swimming pool. Thither is a patio with a hinged roof. Living room in vivid colors with access to the patio and swimming pool. Living room connected to the kitchen, which is apportioned by a beautiful stairway.

3-beautiful and snow-white kitchen

The kitchen is large and spacious in white color scheme. The kitchen cabinets all hidden in the wall, use built-in appliance metallic colors, which looks very modern, over the kitchen table zoned lighting.

3-beautiful open fireplace in the interior

In the kitchen there is a seating area with a nice elegant fireplace, which is attractively embellished with wooden inserts. Sitting area decorated in dark colors, with beautiful, luxurious carpet in beige shades. Beige leather sofa decorated with black pillows.

4-original tree in the interior

The most important and bright accent in the interior is a huge hanging pot, which is placed in the center of the house. The plant, which is located in pots can be seen up from all corners of the room.

5-Beautiful and original bedrooms

The house has three chic bedrooms. The first bedrooms is adorned in shiny colors with brown elements. The second sleeping room in bright colors with red accents. The third bedroom in bright colors with gray accessories.

6-a beautiful outdoor terrace

The bath has a shower, a large and comfortable bath. The color scheme in the bathroom is white, employed for contrast black background.

7-beautiful room for billiards

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