Most Amazing and Unusual Hotels

January 26, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Chic Boutique Hotel in Seoul Snow

This beautiful boutique hotel called Snow, which is located in Korea. The hotel owns a large number of rooms in different manners. Each room looks cozy, harmonious and natural. The interior uses an unusual color, which looks magical. The decoration is often used brick gray. In each room used artificial lighting that illuminates each functional area. The interior uses an unusual combination of color schemes.

2-Chic motel Playland in New York

Playland is a luxury hotel in New York City, which is situated near the beach Rockaway. The hotel was built in an old construction. The department, pleasant atmosphere, modern interior in each room creates a comfortable atmosphere. The hotel is designed for modern and young couples. Beside each room holds an outside patio with sun loungers. Approach the hotel delivers a beautiful outdoor pond.

3-Chic Hotel Eremito

Unusual Eremito hotel is in the monastery. This hotel is situated in a little hamlet in Italy. Close to the hotel there is a beautiful nature reserve, and other monasteries. The hotel and all rooms have a small area, but they are very comfortable. The hotel can be located only one bed. The hotel provides a spa area for unwinding. The interior uses lighting candles, which produce a tender ambiance.

4-Luxury hotel on the island of Corsica Casadelmar

Bright and luxurious hotel Casadelmar located on the island of Corsica in France. This hotel is one of the most popular around the globe. The hotel is one of the most picturesque places with beautiful beaches. Interior architecture is very modern, as does the interior of the hotel.

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