Beautiful Architectural House

January 26, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Beautiful House in Canada

Beautiful and large mansion located along a hilltop near the pond. Windows offer scenic vistas of the beautiful golf course. The house was mostly made of wood. The mansion holds two levels and windows looking out over the pond. The mansion has everything for your comfort zone. On the first level is the master bedroom and living room. The second level also has a living room, kitchen and dining room. Staircase leading to the second floor is located opposite the glass window, which offers a beautiful panoramic view.

2-Chic House in Argentina

Beautiful and spacious house is situated in the south of Argentina. The total area of this house is 122 square meters. The house is situated in a beautiful and eco-friendly place. Close to the mansion is a great quantity of vegetation. Decorating the house is also formed of concrete, and established urban style. Shelves, countertops, kitchen countertops, also made of concrete.

3-Beautiful house in Agalarov Estate

A white villa is sited in the Moscow area. The house seems very nice, unusual and comfortable about the mansion is a beautiful wood, playing area and lake. The architecture of the house looks unusual. In the inside of the house bears a huge living room, dining room, kitchen, swimming pool. The interior are used glass partitions.

4-Unusual House in the UK

Delightful house in the UK. The chief highlight of this house – reflective glass from which it is released. The house seems very original, bright and appealing. Total floor area is 280 square meters The house reflects the green trees that seems real beautiful and impressive. Near the home is a beautiful picturesque scenery.

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