4 Wooden Houses in the Forest

January 23, 2015
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1-Wooden house in Canada

Beautiful wooden house is situated in the snowy Canadian forest. This beautiful and small house located in the small village. The home is constructed in a traditional style and is built completely of wood. Within the home is really usable, have comfortable sitting areas: living room, sleeping room, spa area.

2-Wooden house in Finland

The beautiful snow-white wooden house is located in a forest in Finland. Total floor area is about 140 square meters. The mansion is like a small boat in a picturesque position. Inside the house there are two fireplaces, which are fully heated the house. Interior of the house in Scandinavian fashion. All rooms with wood trim in shining colors.

3-Wooden house in Stockholm

Wooden house is in the forest, in Stockholm. The total area of 180 square meters. Close to the mansion is a beautiful panorama of the pine woods and the sea. Panoramic windows allow always observe nature. The house is made of wood, making it eco-friendly and pragmatic. Decorating the house with black color makes it extravagant.

4-Wooden house in Italy

Beautiful wooden and modern house is sited in the forest of Spain. Ending up in the inside of the mansion is used with natural materials. The color schema of the interior in soothing shades. Draw close the house is open and wide terrace on which the beautiful furniture. On the terrace you can have a good time. The interior of the wooden house uses a great of skins which not merely adorn the interior, but also comfort in the interior. The house has a fireplace, which permits you to keep warm in frigid conditions.

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