Luxury Holiday Houses

January 22, 2015
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1-House in France

Beautiful house with great windows from floor to roof. This beautiful house is situated in one of the regions of France. The home is situated along a small concealed. Close to the mansion is a great quantity of vegetation: shrubs, trees and blooms. Near the house there is a swimming pool. The house contains two floors. Living room, kitchen and dining room are situated on the second story, and at that place is a broad patio with fantastic vistas of the surrounding countryside.

2-beautiful house in the garden

Beautiful and big mansion located in California. This house is situated in a delightful and beautiful place with beautiful nature. A house built in classical style in architecture and decor is a large number of stones. This beautiful house is situated in a hilly expanse. Around the house are beautiful plants and trees. The inside of the house is simple, and graceful.

3-beautiful black house with windows

Beautiful and original house has a modern shape of a square, black house looks strange and attractive. The inside of the house is used concise and practical furniture with straight seams. In the inside of the house owns a fireplace that in the wintertime you can warm up. The humble house is projected for a young pair. The house is sited near the forest, allowing you to enjoy nature.

4-open veranda of the house

The original mansion is placed in New York. The house is in a minimalist flair, holds two floors with functional areas for rest and comfort. In the design of the house uses wood. Located next to the house open terrace. Within the house is adorned with a great quantity of wood.

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