4 Best Luxury Villas

January 21, 2015
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1-Villa in Mallorca

Beautiful and elegant villa located in the popular and beautiful urban center of Port Andratx, on the beautiful picturesque island of Mallorca, which is in Spain. The villa is 355 square meters. The villa is located close to the sea, and offers a beautiful view. The villa consists of two levels, the home holds a beautiful terrace, a big swimming pool, kitchen, big living room, several bedrooms, bathrooms.


This lovely villa is situated in one of the most illustrious cities and popular in Hollywood. Roomy and bright interior every room. Architects have created a harmonious and unique atmosphere in the interior. The interior uses modern furniture with classical elements, art objects of furniture. View from the terrace opens to a beautiful scenic nature.

3-villa on the Mediterranean coast

Beautiful spacious villa. This fantastic villa is placed close to Spain, in the minuscule town of Alicante. The country of this villa is 450 square meters. The home bears a unique architecture. The primary colors of the villas – white. Most of the area is occupied by a big outdoor pool. The view from the villa is aimed at the Mediterranean Sea, and nature in general.

4-luxury villa in Mallorca

Modern and spacious villa are located in Mallorca. The entire area of the villa is 420 square meters. The villa is in beautiful place with picturesque surroundings. The villa has three floors. This villa has two bedrooms, a large dressing room, Turkish bath, spa, jacuzzi, living room, dining room, kitchen. Covered terrace offers wonderful going to the ocean, and mountains.

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