Modern Black Kitchen Design Ideas

January 19, 2015
Posted in Kitchen

1-black crockery

Black kitchen breaks all the stereotypes used in the interiors of the kitchen together with other shades. Thither is a great choice of stylish kitchen furniture and appurtenances. Black kitchen looks stylish, extravagant and unique. Black style kitchen is ideal for those who want to surprise your guests and make your home a custom look.

2-black kitchen with beige shades

Black furniture is different textures, the most popular: glossy and matte. Glossy facades will look well on small kitchens they visually enlarge the place due to the reflection. Very extravagant and harmonious look matte black kitchen with silver, copper, gold findings.

3-black kitchen with wooden worktops

In black kitchen appliances looks good in black, white, metallic. The combination of black furniture will look effectively with chrome appliances. Original and extravagant dishes will appear black, vases, candlesticks and lamps.

4-black kitchen with bronze shades

Black color blends well with white. The white color will look good as a background in kitchen interior. Against the background of a black kitchen can be used and a black background, is often used as a black background and a chalk board on which you can write prescriptions, requests, a list of products poems.

5-black kitchen with white shades

Black facades of kitchens can be a mixture of other natural materials, countertop, you can choose from natural wood or artificial rock.

6-black matte kitchen

The ceiling in the black kitchen is better to choose light colors – white. Suitable for floor tiles in black, or black and white in a checkerboard design.

7-Black lights in the interior of the kitchen

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