How to Make a Low Ceiling Higher

January 14, 2015
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1-Beautiful strip in the interior

An apartment or a room with a low ceiling can be changed with the decor, accessories, and some of the ways that you can offer for interior decor. In this collection of 8 design options of the room with a low ceiling, they are the most simple, economical and convenient. The first option. The most common and easy – strip in the interior wallpaper with stripe pattern in the form of strips. Vertical stripes allow visually make the room more elongated. The slip can be enforced not only in the design of the bulwarks, but in the accessories. Accessories with stripes look good in textiles.

2-Highlighting the furniture in the interior

Second Embodiment. Furniture backlit. Highlighting the furniture is very modern solution and design rooms with low ceilings. Playing up the furniture in the room makes a light breaking up makes the furniture weightlessness. Use the backlight best bottom, this method visually increases the height of the ceiling.

3-Glossy and mirrored ceiling in the interior

Third Embodiment. More expensive and more functional version – suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling looks effective, stylish, and hides all the faults of the ceiling, irregularities. Glossy finish lets the room reflected that visually increases the stature of the ceiling.

4-low furniture in the interior

The fourth Embodiment. Low furniture, lockers, beds, tables. The interiors with a low ceiling will look good only low furniture, due to such furniture can visually raise the ceiling. The best thing in the interior will look without the high headboard sofas, beds without headboards, ottomans low, and low coffee tables.

5-long and narrow furniture in the interior

Fifth Embodiment. Utilization in the interior of a narrow and long furniture. Vertical furniture will look good in low rooms with low ceilings. Narrow racks, shelves, lockers, closets – perfect for the room.

High indoor plants in the interior-

Sixth Embodiment. Budget and popular choice to visually reverse the ceiling – use high houseplants – be it palm trees or artificial flowers in outdoor vases.

6-spotlights in the interior

Seventh Embodiment. The lighting in the interior makes for an significant part. The interior with low ceilings better to use built-in lights. Low lamp is better not to apply it.

7-high windows in the interior

Eighth Embodiment. Large windows. Large windows along the wall will look efficient and visually construct the room spacious, and ceilings above.

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