African Style Interior Design

January 9, 2015
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1-Interior design in the African style

African style in the interior is based along the customs and culture of Africa. African style is dissimilar from other ethnic accessories, objects. African style is chosen by those who love exotic interiors. In the African style most often decorate cafes, eating houses and nightclubs. Rarely decorated interiors in the African way. To get the live atmosphere of the continent can be used furniture, accessories.

2-beautiful plates in the interior

Traditional Residences African tribes resemble small huts with thatched roofs, and bright pictures outside and within the home. For registration in the African style, you can use natural colors: shades of brown, black, colored crimson, yellow shades, shades of beige.

3-Living room in the African style

In the African style is best to utilize natural materials: wood, cotton, linen textiles, wallpaper from natural fabrics. Floor coverings should also be taken from natural wood. Wooden floors can be overlaid with beautiful rugs with colorful ethnic patterns.

4-bathroom in the African style

Furniture for Interior in the African style is best to choose from wood. Decorate furniture can be threadedly or not to use the processing of wood, and to exit the tree construction. Color furniture best used in dark shades of brown and dark colors.

5-bedroom in the African style

Embellish the interior in the African style, you can use the African sculptures, beautiful painted plates, wicker furniture, dishes for fruit, baskets, artificial horn. To create an ambience in the African style, you can use posters, photographs, pictures with the image of wild creatures, nature Africa.

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