Interior Decor in the New Year

December 29, 2014
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1-Tree in shades of purple

In 2015, the range of colors in the interior in the blue-green, purple shades. These shades are applied in the Chinese horoscope. Christmas tree – is the most important accessory in winter decor. Christmas trees can be decorated in one color scheme, or using 2-3 colors. Christmas tree, decked in shades of purple will look not just beautiful, but also will be relevant. Purple color fits well with silver, blue, green shades.

2-accessories purple shades

If the Christmas tree is decked in shades of purple, and then we can think about doing a festive table in the purple color. The table can be adorned with purple candles, accessories. Fill the vase with beautiful purple beads, beads, tinsel.

2-Blue interior in the New Year 2015

Blue and blue shades will also be relevant for interior decoration. Blue and blue shades blend perfectly with silvery shades and accessories. Blue shades advantageous at the background of green trees. Dark blue New Year’s decor accessories in better harmony with a green Christmas tree. In shades of blue, you can use candles, balloons, ribbons, beads.

3-Green New Year's interior in 2015

Green hues, bright green shades look great and in concordance with the silver and gold hues. Unusual and stylish solution design decorated using a combination of several colors: blue, green, silver and purple. Bright green hues necessarily be combined with shades of beige, brown, silver. Noble will look green with white, gray shades. The interior will look good accessories of natural materials: Christmas tree branches that can be decorated with toys, cones, beads.

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