Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

December 24, 2014
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1-Original toys for the Christmas tree

Christmas holidays are nearing, so should arrange in advance for the holiday apartment. The most important decoration in the household – a Christmas tree. Most oftentimes, many people do not bother and decorate houses classical Christmas tree , artificial or natural Christmas tree. Thither are many design options apartments, and create original Christmas trees. Unusual Christmas tree, you can create improvised versions.

1-Christmas socks decorated

If in the living room or the apartment has a fireplace, it should necessarily decorate. The fireplace should decorate candlesticks, fir branches, toys, accessories, small Christmas trees and Christmas socks, which will be based on gifts for the family.

2-Decorative Christmas tree in the interior

Christmas tree created with their own hands will make a great impression on everyone. There are many variations of the original Christmas trees. Originally will look Tree of simple books, which is decorated with Christmas lights. Unusually will look Tree of hemp, a variety of long branches. Such an original Christmas tree can be decorated with homemade Christmas decorations, made of wood, twine. The flat can be decorated and small trees that can be positioned in every room to create a cozy ambiance. The original small herringbone will look good from cones, wine corks, or from a mere cardboard.

3-Decorative Christmas tree on the wall

Some other unusual design of the apartment is – Christmas tree on the wall. Christmas tree on the wall can be created from a garland, lights, of beautiful beads, festive toys. Toys should choose in one color. Also, you can decorate the Christmas tree photographs, postcards, snowflakes.

4-Christmas trees in the interior

Don’t forget about the additional decorations, accessories, wreaths, vases, figurines and cute pictures in the New Year style.

5-decorative Accessories

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