Christmas Decorations For children’s room

December 24, 2014
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1-Beautiful interior of a child's room

Approaching New Year holidays, and everyone wants to produce a Christmas mood in your house. Decorate all the rooms do not forget about the children’s room, which can be decorated with the children. Most toys, children can make their own using accessories. Creating toys with their own hands will fascinate kids.

2-Christmas tree in the nursery

Decorated Christmas tree, you can create your own. Original tree will look homemade pasta. To make a tree of pasta will need a simple glue, paint, cardboard. Of cardboard, you can produce a cone pasted pasta, and paint in brilliant colors. Decorated Christmas trees can be made of colored paper and cardboard. You can decor the room Christmas socks that can be ordered on the hooks, hang on chairs or bed. Socks can make yourself using the scheme from the Internet or bought.

3-Christmas decorations in the nursery

A simple fashion to decorate the nursery, you can use textiles. You can buy curtains and bedspread with New Year style. You can also purchase pillows with beautiful drawings of animals, snowflakes. Beautifully will look fluffy carpet in the New Year style.

4-decoration bed in the interior of a child's room

It is necessary to pay particular attention to the windows in the children’s room. The windows can be decor with handmade snowflakes, Christmas or draw simple figures gouache, which is easily washed away. To get the window striking look, use bright lights that will not only look nice in the room, but on the other side of the mansion.

5-Christmas trees in the decoration in the nursery

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