New Year Decor Ideas For Kitchen

December 22, 2014
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1-Christmas decoration sill

New Year holidays create a magical atmosphere in the home. Do not forget about decorating in every room and in the kitchen. In the kitchen, we expend a great deal of time, and it should be a merry and beautiful. We offer you a great idea of Christmas decoration cuisine. To adorn the kitchen does not necessarily buy expensive accessories. You can use a variety of hand-made accessories, removable covers for pillows, hang socks for gifts, snowflakes on the window. The main thing to do everything in love and in a good mood.

2-Christmas wreath from the molds

Decorating a kitchen should be starting with windows. Ornaments on the windows and passers-by can see, then you should prepare an effort to decorate her stylish and beautiful. The easiest way – to replace the curtains, blinds on a holiday, they may be in festive colors, with pictures. You can as well decorate the curtains and accessories: sequins, garlands, toys. As well on the windows you can sop up with paints, glue or snowflakes. Complement the window can be beautiful with lights. A window in the kitchen and you can decorate fir branches with toys.

3-Christmas table decoration in the New Year

Windowsill should decorate candlesticks, figurines, Christmas figurines, artificial Christmas trees or small, that will look – neat.

4-Christmas wreaths in the kitchen

It is also worth to pay attention to dining and working field. Tablecloths with a dining area, you can use the Christmas tablecloths, napkins and bright. Chairs can be embellished with soft pillows depicting deer, trees, or snowflakes.

5-New kitchen with candles

You can create a beautiful Christmas coasters in the form of snowflakes for cups or plates. Stands for, you can use felt or thick cardboard. Do not forget the candles. Always worth to decorate a dining table with candles. Kitchen decorating stands in the same style with the whole apartment.

6-arches in the interior decoration
-New Year's interior in the kitchen

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