Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2015

December 22, 2014
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1-bright interiors with Christmas trees

Dressing the Christmas tree should take up with electric garlands, Christmas tree garland wrap around from the very tip to the very tail end. Then begin at the dyeing toys. Most small toys should be put on top, and large below. At the end of spruce can be embellished with a chaplet, and beads. In 2015, spruce can be adorned with toys made from natural materials – namely, wood. The best thing this year to use natural colors: green, brownish.

2-big tree in the interior

Toys for Christmas tree decorations can be different: balls, icicles, pine cones, animal figurines. Very popular as decorating a Christmas tree with candy, gingerbread, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges. Dry spices create a unique fragrant atmosphere.

3-bright christmas tree in the interior

Besides, you can adorn the Christmas tree in the same manner, utilizing one or two colors. The very original tree will look in a retro style, it can be decorated with old toys only. Decorate the Christmas tree in 2015 can be in the style of sheep mascot. You can hang figurines sheep, or make cookies in the shape of sheep.

4-Toys in the form of sheep

Christmas tree ornaments worth doing the whole household to make a particular atmosphere in the home. Together with the children and you can produce your own toys for the Christmas tree. For instance, you can apply the shiny nuts, fruits, sweets, which by way of spray can paint in gold or ash gray. Tree with ornaments such magical and will look fabulous. You can adorn the Christmas tree and money, hung a beautiful coin, or a mixture of appellations. This tree will be a real money tree.

5-toys as food

To produce an atmosphere of snowy Christmas tree can be adorned with artificial snow, or you can also use cotton wool, foam.

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