Shades of Purple Bedroom Ideas

December 19, 2014
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1-purple bedroom in dark shades

Purple color – two mixed colors of blue and red. Purple color can be imputed to the exciting, vibrant and looks gorgeous in the inside. Dark purple shades suit powerful people. Light purple shades – color calmer people, this color scheme has a positive effect on mood and calms. Bright purple color – bright and active people.

2-purple bedroom in bright colors

Purple hues in the inside of a bedroom look very soft and amorous. Purple color in the bedroom goes well with white, pink, gray and reddish. These bedrooms have a beautiful combination of rich palette that looks concisely. Purple shades will look favorably in the bedroom in the style of hi-tech, classic way.

3-purple interior with green

Purple hues in the interior of a bedroom ideally combined with pleasant shades, such as green or bright green hues. Green looks harmonious. Green creates an excellent sense of joy, and a sense of freshness in the interior.

purple accessories in the bedroom

The interior of the bedroom can be to focus on furniture, textiles, and accessories. Purple hues can be soft or dark rich purple hues. Purple accents can be any accessory: plaid, curtains, chandeliers, vases, and other supplements.

4-dark wall in the interior purple room

Black color combined with violet – can be a decoration for interior decoration. A room with a range of colors will attract attention and admiration.

5-beige color with purple

Original interior will look like if the bedroom is painted only one wall, which is placed behind the bed. Other walls can be painted in a dissimilar color. In this case, the room will look exquisite and fashionable.

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