Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

December 19, 2014
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1-lighting in the bathroom

Bathroom has a small area. The interior of the bathroom is very rarely used natural lighting, as a rule, there are no windows, only if it can be a private house. And then you should pay more attention to artificial lighting. Lighting in the privy should be as comfortable and affectionate. Usually lighting in the bathroom is different from the other rooms. Lighting should bring the room a cozy ambiance.

2-ceiling light in the bathroom

The main lighting can be designed using halogen lamps, which can be opened and built into the ceiling or the wall. The most commonly used inside illuminated ceiling.

3-Lighting candles in the bathroom

Practical and usable can be lights that can alter the way of the luminosity, and in a certain position. The spacious bathroom, you can make an imitation of the window, and put the backlight there. This plan will seem very original. The lamp can be put in a particular niche in the ceiling. Thus, it is possible to achieve a stunning effect, an illusion, which allegedly passed the sun’s rays of light in the bathroom.

4-window in the bathroom

For small bathrooms suitable lighting, which is utilized in conjunction with mirrors. Lighting can be installed on top of the mirror or on the sides.

5-recessed lighting in the bathroom

Often in the bathroom has a shower cabin, which are closed, in which case you can use the ceiling light. Bath or hot bath can also be fitted with a backlight, which is quite original. To produce a romantic mood, you can use candles, taper holders, which will produce a unique ambience in the bath, and allow to relax.

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