Cool Headboard Ideas

December 12, 2014
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1-Beautiful headboard in the interior

Intimate and easy atmosphere in the bedroom – the main task in the interior. In the bedroom, the main piazza – a bed. Sleeping room – a situation where you want to be alone and loose. Furniture in the interior plays an important, and especially the headboard, which may be issued with an original and unusual.

2-unusual headboard in the interior

Build a headboard should be mindful of its capacities and tastes. The most original headboard – Upholstered Headboard, the entire wall. This option is considerably suited to design a modern and spacious sleeping accommodations.

3-wooden headboard shelves in the interior

Wooden headboard with beautiful shelves – functional and original means to contrive. Headboard made be decorated with a separate shelf, or it may be a wooden wall with built-in shelves. Originality will look from side shelves for storing books. Along the ledges can be arranged photo frames, accessories, vases, flowers, favorite books.

5-tree in the headboard in the interior

Originality will look at the interior of solid wood with a natural texture, this interior will look good in a rustic style, in a minimalist style, country style. For the head board of the tree can be used wooden doors, old windows.

6-wooden planks in the headboard in the interior

7-soft headboard in the interior

Upholstered headboard gives a touch of heat and ease. Headboard can be opposed to the vividness of the carpet or bedding, curtains. Moreover, soft pillow will be a good noise insulator.

40curtains in the headboard in the interior

Originality will look curtains in the headboard, with a beautiful cornice. On the curtains you can hang Christmas lights, which will produce an authentic ambiance. Curtains can cover an empty wall or window. Original can be adorned with curtains with accessories, beads, or write poems, wishes. These curtains can look original, and really beautiful.

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