Modern Interior Decorating Ideas in Provencal Style

December 5, 2014
Posted in Living Room

1-Provence style in interior room

Provence style – will give any interior a cozy and comfy ambience. Style “Provence” is deduced from the French word – “Province”. Provence style – elegant, graceful and simple manner that will appeal to all. In the style of Provence are well combined old things with new luxury golden accessories.

2-amazing style of Provence

Most often applied in the Provence style interior of the kitchen, the living room. These characteristics are relevant to the style of Provence:

- Bright and bedding colors, natural colors: beige, green, and, white, pink, lavender, deep brown with milk.

- In the style of Provence uses a great deal of illumination. This can be a great sconces, lamps, candles, lamps. A major part in the interior plays and daylight.

- Furniture in the style of Provence uses white, has artificial wear, with the issue of aging. In the same trend can be decorated with accessories, it can be picture frames, frames for mirrors.

- Textiles, with beautiful floral patterns. Beautiful fabrics can be utilized to decorate the rooms, it could be curtains, pillows, napkins, tablecloths, upholstery for furniture.

- A large number of live or dried flowers, with large buds. Beautiful flowers can be put in a large vases or table vases. It is frequently used for decoration dried lavender blossoms.

- Decoration accessories in the style of Provence, it can be porcelain figurines, vases, dishes with beautiful paintings, glassware and ceramic accessories.

3-light Provence style

Provence style eliminates cool shades, it must not merely be functional and easy. In the style of Provence look good alone with natural fabrics, it is more beneficial to get rid of modern appliances, and substitute it with the old one.

4-beige style of Provence
5-light shades in the style of Provence

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