Loft Style Living Room Design Ideas

December 3, 2014
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1-beautiful living room in the loft

Loft style, it is one of the most popular and the most modern design styles. Loft style is a mix of glamor, pathos, and fashionable accessories. Loft – a mix of brevity, spaciousness and comfort. Dwelling in the loft opens up big opportunities for design ideas.

2-Spacious living room in the loft

Modern style loft is easily mixed with old things, many people imagine that they may be unfitting. Style loft can be mixed with other style. To create a loft style, you can use advanced materials: glass, metal, wood.

3-The cozy living room in the loft

Style loft hrosho will look good in the attic. The walls in the loft can be constructed of brick walls, red, or white. Walls can also be left without painting. In the attic, you can try out. Loft style most suitable for creative people who do not like classical style.
Style loft can be seen utilizing the following components:
The original color scheme
Rough brick wall, graffiti
Plaster on the walls, wooden beams, pipes
A large amount of open space
Combined with other living rooms
Using objects in high-tech fashion
Old accessories, and furniture

4-original walls, loft-style living room

Style loft is easily mixed with the trend of minimalism. In addition to a brick wall, you can use the Desktop cracked, or bricks, and will look good peeling paint on the walls. The roof in the attic can be forgotten in a gray or white paint can also be used wooden beams. The windows in the loft should be large, and lodge in a great area of the and takes longer wall.

5-Loft Living in the loft
6-attic loft-style interior

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