Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

December 1, 2014
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1-Open plan cafe

Kitchen in the style cafe – gives the interior a special and strange atmosphere. This unusual style will appeal to all people and guests. This kitchen will afford a special mood, will convey an ambiance of heat and coziness. Kitchen interior in the style cafe should look positively cheerful. For kitchen design, coffee shop, you can choose multiple styles, this may be the French style, American, Italian, and other alternatives.

2-black plate with white numbers

The color schema for such specialties should be serene, bright or contrasting. Would be the best coffee, dairy shades, berry color and others. It will too look good shades of yellow with bluish tinged. The kitchen can be planned with the help of decorative tile, brick, or prefer a table on Chalk board. Chalk board – this is a great option for writing prescriptions, or the menu for the day, or the wishes of their loved ones.

4-open shelves for wine

The original kitchen can seem good with breakfast bar and bar stools. In a small kitchen can be set folds shelf, or lay the bar instead of the sill. Alternatively, the measure can be utilized around the small tables. Kitchen cabinets can be equipped with beautiful shelves, which can be utilized to store wine. These shelves can be made independently of the boxes.

5-The bar counter in the kitchen

For decoration you can use wallpapers, which can look – great. On Mural will look good flower, city. Besides, you can embellish the walls of letters or row. Beautifully will look open shelves or hooks for utensils, glasses. Home Appliances is better to choose a built-in furniture that saves space in the kitchen.

3-board with beautiful inscriptions

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