Balcony Kitchen Design Ideas

November 28, 2014
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1-open kitchen with a nice balcony

Kitchen with balcony – a beneficial opportunity to expand the distance as a modest kitchen and a wide kitchen. Roomy and functional kitchen dream of every housewife. The spare space is necessary and useful. Kitchen with an open balcony should be composed in the same way.

2-bright kitchen with an open balcony

Kitchen with a balcony can be brought out in various different ways. The kitchen cannot be combined with a balcony, but can complement the interior of the kitchen. The second option kitchen, which is mixed with a balcony, without partitions, can hold an arch, or without it.

3-Spacious kitchen with beautiful balconies

Kitchen room with balcony should be combined, to be harmonious and beautiful, match the color, texture, and style. All details of the interior should think in advance. In this instance, it is best to utilize the avails of a specialist or designer. Balcony, which is tied in to the kitchen to be glazed and insulated.

4-Balconies with open doors

In the design of the kitchen room with balcony should be to apply the same finishing materials, a range of colors, texture. Divide the balcony area, you can use zoned lighting. Expand the space, use glossy or metallic objects. Objects glass and fill the room with extra glossy light.

5-The spacious kitchen on the balcony

For kitchen design with enclosed balcony, you can use function objects: glass doors, partitions. Originality will look bar that can share a balcony and a kitchen. Shared kitchen with the balcony area may be contrasted, bright. Likewise, the balcony can be classified by a table with an aquarium that will look not just beautiful, but also acts favorably.

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