Country Kitchen Ideas

November 27, 2014
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1-Country style in a bright color

Country style – a cozy rustic atmosphere that can be produced in a modern flat. To create a country flair, it is worth to introduce wooden objects, furniture, accessories. You can also use wicker products, ceramic items, and items that are created manually. Country style was formed in America. This fashion is beautiful, uncomplicated, and very sincere.

2-Bright Country style in a bright color

Many afraid to use country-style, as afraid of rural-style decorated in a modern apartment. Country Style – uses old objects, with defects and massive products. Should choose furniture, antique or vintage items.

3-beautiful tableware in country style

Country style furniture uses of natural targets and natural fabrics. The color palette of country style also uses natural colors. Country style appropriates furniture. In today’s market it is a big amount.
The lighting in the fashion of the country proposes to use original and unusual lamps and vintage fixtures. To create comfort you can use beautiful curtains large flowers. Textiles is to choose from natural materials: linen, cotton, burlap, cotton.

4-beautiful furniture in country style with beautiful accessories

Country style can be used, materials: wood, bamboo, rattan. The highlight of the interior of a country style furniture is rough attrition. Mostly used furniture that is created manually. The kitchen can be used non-standard open shelves, cabinets. Will be appropriate furniture, glass doors.

5-a large number of dishes in the interior

Country-style décor allows the use of tiles, parquet, linoleum. Country style using natural colors that mix good with shiny decorative objects. The kitchen can be adorned with accessories made of wood, clay, ceramics, and cast-iron cookware.

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